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For those who are not aware, the system My Pilot it is the admission process to have the opportunity to try the latest updates developed by Xiaomi. But, in this case only the mobiles of the company LITTLE BIT they have opened the subscription for anyone with a Smartphone from this company; can be done with the latest operating system.

The Mi Pilot Beta tester is intended to perform MIUI 13 tests; the recent of its own layer of customization of the Asian company. But like everything in these cases, we must be somewhat cautious when installing test software, since it could cause great inconveniences for our mobile device.

My Pilot, advantages and disadvantages

Like any beta program, Mi Pilot has great advantages for the user, and part of it is because carriers that are admitted will be able to enjoy all the news of the new software, in this case MIUI 13 before anyone else. Considering this; We must understand that it is an essential process so that users can report any type of bugs or errors that may arisethis being the main objective.

The disadvantage is that, if the new beta version comes with a lot of bugs, something that is very common to happen; it could become a real headache, especially if you have no software knowledge. In this way, Mi Pilot would only be directed to developers that they could well execute certain movements to get out of any kind of trouble without damaging the Smartphone in the process.

In this sense, we know that Xiaomi has one of the most personalization layers unstable market; although it is necessary to mention that with MIUI 13 all this improved. However, the company does not escape making serious mistakes, since it has hundreds of devices on the market in different regions, making the work in terms of support something truly titanic.

Only the brave will be able to join the My Pilot systemand if you have a device like the POCO X3 Pro, X3 GT, X4 GT, X4 Pro, F4, or one of the most current mobiles; then you will be a candidate to be accepted into this system beta of the POCO brand. So; if you are interested we will leave you a link direct so that you can subscribe without so many inconveniences, it is important to say that, if you were chosen, an update could arrive in the event that there is a test version online.

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