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Whatsapp statuses have become one of the most important aspects for the user; and that is why the developers are working on a particular feature to make them even more versatile.

At the moment we know that the firm is looking for a way to improve the links we post in the states; this so that they are more attractive and not a simple link so that the person can have information about it. Well, it turns out that now users will have the opportunity to upload voice notes to the states.

Important changes in WhatsApp states

whatsapp states

Well, in the beta version of WhatsApp it has been discovered that the signature is including a third floating button; this in order that we can gRecord voice notes and later publish it in our states. Something that can honestly become useful for many people. But if we think about it, what is the science of sending voice notes to our states? we are facing a functionality that at the moment is not accommodated.

The firm may be looking for a way to give WhatsApp stories a new meaning; but we don’t know if this will be the right way. But this is something that we will discover over time, since at the moment it is in fdevelopment base and it could be delayed or even the company could back down; although we do not believe the latter will happen since it is displayed in beta members.

In case you are desperate to enjoy the voice notes in WhatsApp statuses; you need to subscribe for it. On the other hand, it is relevant to mention that unexpected errors could arise such as the force close the app, unable to send messages; problems when uploading content in the states and much more. But; The firm usually updates the app almost daily to correct those bugs that mostly reduce the good user experience.

The truth is that Mark Zuckerberg is doing an incredible job in bringing news to the most important instant messaging app in the world, and this is something that has been demanded for a long time. We are sure that a lot of improvements are coming to the platform for shorten distance between whatsapp and telegram, the main competition. So; For now, we can only wait until this new feature linked to voice notes becomes official.

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