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The devices samsung foldables seem not to meet the quality standards by users, and according to the Polish media installi the firm would very possibly be facing a class action lawsuit.

It is no secret that Samsung’s most gigantic novelty is hybrid devices, which today manage to push other manufacturers to follow this same trend. But, if something is not working then it is necessary to take action on the matter. The Korean firm is in great danger by ignoring the different problems that are arising; where users with great effort have opted for these exclusive mobiles.

Samsung foldable phones, are they really poor quality?

Since the launch of folding devices, great uncertainty has arisen on the part of users; and this is partly due to the confidence that it should offer. Samsung entered the hybrid mobile market in a somewhat rushed way remembering the first Fold version; but everything was evolving for the better in the following versions.

However, to this day, the fourth generation of the Galaxy Z family continues to report problems with the screen savers for these devices, where various users have manifested certain anomalies in the few months of getting hold of them. In this sense, the Korean company has a good number of fans of these cell phones in Poland; and they have serious criticism that could turn into a lawsuit.

In this sense, hundreds of clients argue the poor quality of screen protectors; and for its replacement people have to go to an authorized service center. And here is the point break of manysince despite the fact that the firm assures that users will be able to change the protective sheet of free form as long as it is within the guarantee; It seems that this is not executed as it should.

Other situations that have arisen in recent months is the poor quality hinges, where after a few folds it rises causing serious damage. Undoubtedly, all this that is happening is a complex and delicate situation; and surely Samsung could lose millions in a lawsuit as macro as the one that is about to happen in Poland.

On a global level, although it is true that over time the screen protection deteriorates; It is imperative that the firm train more authorized stores because very few offer such a service.

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