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Yesterday we talked about the serious problem of iPhone 14 Pro when recording videos in third-party apps; highlighting strong vibrations and strange sounds when using Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and others more.

In this way, it was impossible to use these social networks to generate content, something that is basic for any user carrying this device. Of course, this generated great discomfort in the fans of the bitten apple; and it has not been until today that those from cupertino have toasted “encouraging” responses For those affected, let’s see what this is all about.

The affected iPhone 14 Pro would have a solution very soon

We are not sure if all carriers of an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max are affected, but for Apple to issue a statement, the number of users who have reported the same thing must be significant. At this point the firm has said that the problems that have arisen in its new units will be fixed. for the next week; without dropping too many details about the reasons for this inconvenience when recording a video.

Analyzing a little the behavior that the mythical company has had in recent years; makes us indicate that at the moment They are still investigating these incidents.. Well, we are aware that the firm tends to fix any bug immediately; and it has always been one of the positive factors that we should all recognize. When all this commotion arose, it was said that the OIS he was to blame for so many vibrations; situation that did not make much sense since the objective is to stabilize.

Now, Apple tells us that by next week this and other bugs will be fixed; without saying date or anything specific. Although it seems somewhat improvisational to us, everything seems to indicate that the problem will have a solution through a software update. Without a doubt, this is very good news since if it were hardware all this would be a real chaos; causing a large decline in sales of the iPhone 14 Pro and Max.

Of course, we will be keeping track of this topic as we have been doing so far; in order to keep our updated readers. If you are one of those affected, you must have some patience, and trust that Apple is doing everything possible to provide an immediate solution to this unexpected situation; and above all unfortunate inconvenience with the new flagship devices of the American company.

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