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The firm has recently registered TikTok Music in the United States, this opens up multiple conclusions and worst of all, most of them are totally consistent. Everything points to the fact that the social network has serious intentions of expanding its horizons towards Streaming and music, a serious problem for companies such as Spotify and YT Music.

It is no secret to anyone that TiKTok is currently a titan of social networks, where it is becoming a headache for Instagram, Facebook, and others. Thousands of users continue betting on the concept of short videos offered by this app with Chinese origins, and it was a matter of time for the firm to be preparing the last details to focus on music.

TikTok Music could be the future of streaming music

Many theories about the new trademark of TikTok Music in the United States, where everything turns towards a new service platform in streaming linked to music. This could precisely be the next great success of the renowned company; but the truth is that we are speculating a lot. We may never even see such a platform materialized in a specific application, since hundreds of firms make registrations like these, but in the end they go nowhere.

But, we are facing a company that is not afraid to innovate; so it could be a new platform or just a feature that It would be about to be docked in the main TikTok app. Once registered, we can only wait for the top executives to make some kind of official announcement, something that the company curiously guards special silence and this has us very expectant without a doubt.

The reality is that TikTok Music would face a tough battle if the idea of ​​being a music service is on the table. But, the great popularity and success of its parent platform can lead to the massive migration of users from other platforms to it, and I think this is where the company wants to take advantage of this great boom.

In short, as we have already said, we only have to wait to what extent all this topic will go, and if it really confirms all our theories that could revolutionize streaming services.

As always we will be on the lookout for any type of novelty that may arise in the coming months, so we suggest you stay tuned. pending our web platform.


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