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It seems that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are having new problems when making video recordings; something that could affect the vast majority of users in the long or short term.

Since the launch of the flagships of the bitten apple, errors have been reported that rarely happen on Apple mobiles, the first of which has been the impediment when configuring the mobile with an open Wi-Fi network; where the only solution at the moment was connecting it to a computer from the same company.

Well now the inconvenience is much worse, since the users carrying a 14 Pro or Max, have shown the inability to make recordings in third-party apps; Others have said that the same error is also manifested from the camera app itself.

iPhone 14 Pro and its video instability

we have known since GizmoChina; that there are several users who have reported the impossibility of being able to record videos from the iPhone 14 Pro, this of course strange noises and vibrations. Without a doubt, it is a very serious problem considering that mobile phones are not cheap at all, and that much of the interest of customers is due to the creation of content.

We know that most of the influencers handle Apple devices, being the most recommended for their quality and good image processing. So, this unfortunate problem could be considered a unprecedented situation; but, what is really causing the instability when making a recording?

OIS could be the reason

For those who are not aware, both the iPhone 14 Pro and the Max have a main sensor of 48 megapixels, a considerable jump towards the mythical 12MPX that still continued in the last generation. But it is presumed that the OIS that integrates said lens is the real cause of the high vibrations and tremors in the videos; something that honestly should not happen for anything in the world.

Although it sounds somewhat contradictory, the stabilization could be creating instability, if this is the case, we do not know if an update could finally correct this problem. At the moment the users of an iPhone 14 Pro fan of Tik Tok, Instagram and other social networks; They must have some patience until the manufacturer issues an official statement.

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