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Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE has been cancelled, at least that is what it claims The Electric a famous medium from Korea. After a long road full of rumors about the next “FE” unit, it seems that there will no longer be a renewal of such a device, however, not everything is bad.

Users who were looking forward to the next device from fan-edition will have to wait until next year for its renewal, it is important to remember that the Galaxy S22 FE had planned a launch this year. We well know that by the beginning of this 2022 the S21 FE made its bet on the scene, having a significant delay but the firm had plans to renew it very soon.

Galaxy S22 FE would go into the background completely

A lot of speculation regarding the launch of the Galaxy S22 FE and this because there was no indication that the firm was working on it. This was really suspicious because at this point Samsung should already be working on millions of units, but in the end they have decided to cut back on this strategy. On the other hand, it is not news that the S22 series in turn is selling like hot cakes and even they would have increased the production of the Ultra version.

This makes the plans of the famous Korean company change to focus on what they have in the market, which we know is not a small thing. According to reports, the firm would have definitively left the Galaxy S22 FE in the background due to the shortage of processors, that in this case it was planned to do the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Of course, this is something to regret, but as we said at the beginning of this article, it is not all bad.

Everything seems to indicate that the “FE” generation has not been completely ruled out, and possibly they will resume this line of mobiles under the tutelage of the S23 FE for next year. Not only would this be a huge improvement over the processor, but we would hope for a better supply of components to get things back to normal in the industry.

Anyway, we can only wait for Samsung to give us some kind of news about it, confirming everything we have said here. As always we recommend you to be attentive to our website and YouTube channel, so that they are aware of all the news in the world of technology.

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