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It hasn’t been too long since presentation of the Nothing Phone (1) and is already involved in serious controversy due to a serious problem in its panel. It’s about the hated “Green screen” that has persecuted AMOLED panels so much, but this problem should not be happening in a device as “exclusive” as this one.

Twitter is currently one of the platforms where this inconvenience has been most echoed with Nothing’s first mobile, something that we don’t find much sense in. In this article we will talk a little about this inconvenience, and find out if the manufacturer has issued any kind of announcement about it.; because without a doubt this could extend with the days.

Cause of the green screen on the Nothing Phone (1)

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Some reports have published a serious problem with the Nothing Phone (1), which, as can be seen in the photograph, is the green screen. Said Smartphone carriers state that it looks like a factory problemsince they have not suffered any type of falls or something so that they have this shading.

We have always been aware that the annoying green shadow on mobile phones with AMOLED tend to become a pain in the neck. head for certain manufacturersbut we are facing a device that is starting to take its first steps in the industry and cannot afford to make mistakes like these.

We must also take into account that when mobiles are mass-produced there is always the enormous risk that certain units will be defective, and this is where the manufacturer must take the necessary security measures so that this does not happen. But as we said at the beginning of this article, we are facing a company that is entering the mobile sector and this small inconvenience could exceed the desired standards.

At the moment it seems to be an isolated problem, the unit that we present to you on the YouTube channel of El Rincón de China has not presented this fault. Given this, we cannot generalize since it usually happens more than we imagine; on the other hand Carl Pei has not yet expressed any opinion on the matterLet’s hope it does very soon.

We will be attentive to any news on this important topic, which could surely interest you in the event that you are considering getting this Smartphone; so our recommendation is that Please be cautious until this all clears up.


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