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New information around redmi pad has emerged; and this time it has to do with his official price here in Spain; this means that it is a matter of time for it to appear very soon.

The first Tablet under the tutelage of Redmi is already around the corner, and we believe that it could have a great opportunity in a segment of economic mid range; and that it would be strictly linked to the multimedia and gaming sector. But will its price be really competitive? We will know all the details in the following lines, so stay tuned.

Redmi Pad is ready for anything

Xiaomi as a brand already has experience when it comes to large products, we well know that the Xiaomi Pad 5 and 5 Pro obtained enormous receptivity globally. But it is not at all unreasonable that they are considering cover an economic sector; betting on a product with somewhat more restrained but decent hardware.

A few days ago we were talking that the company would be about to launch the Redmi Pad with a new Mediatek chipsetspecifically the Helium G99. This component would be the new standard for dry mid-range devices, and according to the latest leaked data it is said that it will come in two versions of 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storageand another of 4GB and 128GB.

With these data we realize that it will be a completely adequate Tablet for the section of social networks, emails, multimedia management and a somewhat limited gaming sector but that without a doubt could give us great surprises. However, unfortunately we do not have information with regarding your screen; but we may even see a frequency of at least 90Hzthis would be a real hoot for the firm.

Now, the new Redmi Pad would come at an official price in Spain of 250 euros for the base version; Y 350 euros for the most powerful. Of course, taking into account the hardware that it could have, this new proposal would be a rung below under the Xiaomi Pad 5 Series; an aspect to keep some distance.

And to finish this interesting news, the company may present a version 5G under the tutelage of a chip Qualcomm, but this is just speculation. We will have to wait until the date of its presentation, which could perhaps be announced in the coming days. Anyway; We will be on the lookout if there is any news about it, so we recommend you to be attentive to our website.

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