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If you are looking for an affordable SmartWatch, this new Realme Watch 3 may be the one for you; a product that is finally landing in Spain to compete with POCO and Xiaomi in a segment that remains in high demand.

The main drawbacks of cheap smart watches and bracelets is that they lack certain sections such as adding music, answering calls or messages; or the possibility of being able to download applications. Well, despite this, we have witnessed how manufacturers increasingly present certain proposals integrating some features mentioned aboveand believe me that Realme has been on track with this bet.

Without further ado, let’s get to know a little about the main features of this Realme Watch 3which intends to keep everything in the Spanish market.

Realme Watch 3 an accessory with great potential

This Realme Watch 3 has the great particularity to make and receive calls, all this through the Bluetooth connection to our mobile. Thanks to the speaker that the manufacturer has incorporated into this interesting wearable, we will be able to speak without problems from the watch, and best of all, it integrates noise reduction so that the quality is as clean as possible.

Without a doubt for a product that only costs €69.99 in Spain and gives us the possibility of answering calls, makes it a huge attraction for those who cannot afford to get a Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch. But, not everything is positive since its panel is TFT/LCD, creating some kind of inconvenience under the sun due to lack of brightness. In terms of dimensions, this watch reaches up to 1.8 inches with 500 nits, noting a good use of the panel.

As for the sensors and sport modes, we will come across the continuous heart rate measurement, blood oxygen saturation, stress, sleep quality and analysis, accelerometer and little else. But if sport is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that it comes with a total of 110 modes dedicated to this segment; an important figure for those who engage in different physical activities.

It is also important to mention that we will not find GPS in this unit, something that we understand because of its cost. What will be present is the certification IP68 which makes it waterproof, 330mAh of battery being able to reach up to a week of autonomy, Bluetooth 5.3 for better stability in connection with the mobile.

Price and availability

The Realme Watch 3 can now buy in Spain in official distributors such as PcCOmponentes, Mediamarkt and among many others. We reiterate the aforementioned cost of this product is €69.99becoming a very interesting device.

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