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The wearable market continues to grow, and brands like OnePlus know very well that they can take advantage of it. So, according to some reports, the company would be preparing a new accessory under the tutelage “Nord”, meaning that it would keep a really affordable price; something that can certainly be beneficial for fans.

Given this, we hope that in a short time officially present; assuming a great movement that many of us did not expect.

OnePlus Nord Watch What do we know?

The Asian firm in recent years has maintained a philosophy of powerful mobile phones at a balanced cost; although it is true that this has evolved. Over time, the “Nord” family emerged in order to continue offering the latest technology but having the affordable as standard; and now we see that they want to enter a market that is very competitive at the moment.

It is clear that the firm does not want to be left behind and wants to continue expanding within its catalog, and the best way to do it is by presenting a smart watch that is linked to the competition like Apple in terms of design. It is precisely what we have seen in the image that OnePlus India has leaked in its account. Twitter; where it is evident that the wearable will be square having the Apple Watch as inspiration.

Another curious fact is that such a device would have a wheel where we will be able to interact through the interface of this accessory, being a somewhat more attractive aspect for users. In this sense, it is expected that you will obtain the typical sensors for the heart rate measurement; blood oxygen, stress and different modes for sport.

At this point, it is very unlikely that we will be able to answer calls; text messages or compatibility with an assistant such as Google. What we do expect is that your panel at least maintains technology AMOLED for better brightness, being a fundamental feature for viewing content outdoors.

Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer for the presentation of this OnePlus Nord Watch, although for everything the manufacturer has shown this could be happening in a matter of time; we may even have news about it by the end of this week. So, we recommend that you pay attention to our web portal; because without a doubt we will be following up on this interesting product that this famous company is about to release.

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