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By surprise, the design of the OnePlus 11 Pro, the next flagship of the renowned Asian manufacturer. As usually happens in these cases, various leakers have found relevant data from the most important companies of the moment.

OnePlus since its inception has always been in the eye of the hurricane; and once again information of interest in the world of technology has been released. In this case, it is their eleventh generation that has come to give it their all in the competition, and for now we see that the firm has been working on a unit that could have a great opportunityconsidering that Apple and Samsung are in a tough fight at the Premium level.

OnePlus 11 Pro, this is what we know

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Since Equal Leaks on his Telegram channel; We have learned of the first renders of the supposed OnePlus 11 Pro, and as you can see, said Smartphone comes with great changes at the design level. It is no secret that this manufacturer is not one of those who are afraid of executing relevant changes in their most important mobiles, and this as a consequence attracts a large youth audience.

Now, here we see that the company continues to bet on a strip that connects to the side bezel; but in this case we contemplate the inclusion of a circular format for photographic cameras. As it is the first render, the magnitude of the bulge is not yet perceived; but it is likely to be gigantic. At the moment we will have to wait if in the coming weeks there will be more information about the sensors that we will see in this mobile, although we can see that the alliance with Hasselblad will remain in effect in this unit.

the mythical button Alert Slider it seems that it will also be present; a very useful physical tool to put the device in silence quickly. For those who are OnePlus lovers, you will know that this button has been implemented by the manufacturer in its top mobile phones for some time.

If it is regret or simply the fantasy of the creator of the render, in any way, it gives us hope that the firm will reconsider bring it back; since it is something that characterizes and differentiates a lot from the competition. As always, we must take all this with great caution until we have something certain; so we recommend you to be attentive to our website and Youtube channel to be aware of the latest of this supposed OnePlus 11 Pro.

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