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We are starting the month with great unexpected news, first with the cancellation of the motorola eventand now with a supposed Nothing Phone (1) Lite that the manufacturer would be preparing to offer an even cheaper alternative.

The truth is that the news in the world of technology is very volatile and changing, so as we always tell you, we must have some beware of everything that leaks. However, we do get some interest from a “Lite” version of the first unit released just a couple of weeks ago.

But how much is reality or fiction all this? It is not at all unreasonable that the firm is thinking of an economical device, this would definitely attract less to the great masses that look for an alternative in the market; especially if it does not exceed 300 euros.

Nothing Phone (1) Lite a proposal you might like

The Lite versions of other manufacturers such as Xiaomi tend to be resoundingly successful for many reasons, but the main one is the great proximity that they have with the flagships on duty. In this case, if Nothing is really thinking of getting a mobile of this type, it is likely that we will see certain phone features (1), although rumors indicate that it would take some significant cuts in terms of design in general.

In this case it is said that the particular transparency design would be lost in this unit, as well as the striking LED lights. This particular rumor would be significantly contrary to the philosophy of the company itself, which since its inception has said that they want to create a different and completely distinctive device at the design level. Given this, we see it very difficult for the company itself to destroy the foundations on which it was created.

On the other hand, we know that it is a company that is still in testing, and depends a lot on the units and success in the Nothing Phone sales (1) It hasn’t been on the market for too long. Launching a second cheap smartphone, although it sounds attractive to everyone, is a huge risk and economic investment, and for a company that is in full growth, it cannot afford it.

In short, these are logical conjectures that come to mind, but it will certainly be interesting if finally the company itself is considering the strategy of a Nothing Phone (1) Litesince on paper it would inherit the rest of the hardware from the firm’s first proposal.

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