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After some rumors we officially have the Google Chromecast HDan excellent move by the American manufacturer so that users have a cheaper alternative to the 4K version that has been on the market for some time.

Best of all, it’s practically a I trace the Chromecast with higher resolution; maintaining that design that has gained popularity globally.

Google TV available to everyone with Chromecast HD

This is the type of launch that is appreciated by the technological giants, a product like the ChromecastHD will benefit many users who have always wanted to enjoy GoogleTV, but until now they had not been able to afford that luxury. Of course, the 4K version could be considered cheap being on the market in €69.99.

But, if what you are looking for is a device that is at least below 50 euros and offers you HD resolution, specifically in 1080p; I think it is a practically mandatory purchase, and more so from a company as recognized as this one. The curious thing in this case is that the firm wanted to preserve its appearance as mentioned above, thus maintaining its shape and portability.

In case you’re wondering about compatibility with the google assistant, you will be pleased to know that we will still have a dedicated button to be able to summon her; a detail that is appreciated. Now, despite the obvious clipping of her in your resolve; the firm has decided to give it some advantage over its older brother, and in this case Google’s Chromecast HD comes with Android 12.

The firm has not wanted to skimp on support, thus demonstrating the interest in this device; even raising the idea that it will continue to receive updates for a long time. Regarding the functionalities, we will have the capacity to receive recommendations of the Google TV platform; being a Chromecast we will be able to synchronize our smartphone to be able to project it on our TVand much more.

Price and availability

This Google Chromecast HD will be available in Spain from next October 18that is to say that in just a few weeks you will be able to acquire it from the google store. The starting price is €39.99, a cost that the truth surprises us for everything that this product offers; at this point we believe that the signature of the big “G” has hit the nail on the head.

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