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The Asian giant has presented the Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition, an interesting proposal for those who are lovers of large devices. We are talking about a Tablet that has a really interesting hardware; not to mention that its format is more compact than we imagine.

For some time we have been talking about the fact that in the market for Android tablets there is a void for these products in restrained dimensionsWell, it seems that Lenovo wanted to take advantage of this situation and the result seems more than interesting to us. Let’s see what all this is about, in order to identify what the giant with residence in China is capable of doing.

Lenovo Legion Y700 marking territory

It is necessary to clarify that this Lenovo Legion Y700 has a lot to do with a new edition called “Ultimate Edition”, that unlike the version launched in March its rear part is under a construction of inductive glass, which makes it change color. Although this particular design steals glances, we must focus on the fact that possibly do not end up arriving in Spain; a possible situation that might not be so pleasant for many of the fans.

As for the specifications, we find ourselves with an extremely compact Tablet reaching up to the 8.8 inches in FullHD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. As we can see, it is a product that is aimed at video game fans, and due to its portability, it will surely be an excellent option for users. But not everything is so positive, since its technology is IPS-LCD and not AMOLED as many perhaps requested in this new edition.

Power with airs of grandeur

This Lenovo Legion Y700 carries inside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, a very popular chipset of 2021 and that today manages to be in many devices. This only assumes one thing, and that’s because part of it is thanks to your video game stabilitygood management in terms of energy savings, and that it is very capable of performing very well in any type of task that is imposed on it.

If we go to the configurations we will come across a version of 8GB and 128GB of storage, and 12GB of RAM with 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage. That is, we will have the perfect complement for day to day.

Other aspects to highlight are the 6.550mAh battery with 45W fast charge, features that will surely make the user experience very top.


At the moment the new Tablet Lenovo Legion Y700 Ultimate Edition will be only in Chinaand its exchange price corresponds to the €479a cost that in our opinion is more than acceptable for what it offers.

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