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For some time we have known the intentions of Instagram to create a payment system that benefits the most influential users, In this way, people will have the possibility to pay to see extra content exclusively from their favorite content creators.

Without a doubt, this presumes a new stage for the social network; and that it would surely achieve something that they urgently need and boost their popularity. It is no secret to anyone that Tik Tok continues to dominate in this aspect, where thousands of users are daily they create an account on the social network with Chinese origins.

The theme and the way people can upload videos in so few minutes is really impressive, not to mention that; They currently have a large number of stickers and options to enhance our content. So this Instagram move comes just at the right timeand it may be a lifesaver.

Exclusive content on Instagram. How does it work?

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Well, now the great personalities will have the ability to upload content exclusively, this through images, videos or Reels. As can be seen in the photograph above, the way to identify them will be through a purple icon with the word “Exclusive”. On the other hand, the platform has reported that the subscription limit is up to $100; a somewhat high figure and we do not know if this is going to cause any inconvenience in the long term.

Yes, it is true that artists and content creators of great caliber can move important masses, but only a true fan who does not want to miss anything from his favorite artist is able to get a subscription like this. The positive of all this is that the owner of the account you can choose the monthly subscription pricetrusting that they do not exaggerate too much with all this.

But, if you thought that these will be the only benefits of paying a monthly subscription on Instagram, you are wrong. Influencers will have the opportunity to open exclusive group chats with members up to 30 peoplein order to have a greater closeness with that personality.

This new Instagram business model aims to obtain a certain percentage of the aforementioned subscriptions; but they have mentioned that while they are in full expansion these will be 100% aimed at creatorsand that at the moment it will only be available in USA. So, we will have to wait a little longer to reveal all the details of this movement by Meta.

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