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Silently, the Honor Pad X8 Lite, a cheap version of the Pad X8 that was introduced a few months. Precisely today this new product of the Asian giant was announced from the very overall web page of the firm, revealing not only its design in general but also part of the hardware.

Cheap tablets play a fundamental role in the new rules of the technological market, now there is a lot of possibility in products of this type; and we believe that Honor is ready to enter this sector strong. Let’s talk a little about the main characteristics of this modest Tabletwhich could come in handy for reading books and for multimedia consumption

Honor Pad X8 Lite a very modest Tablet

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From now on we tell you that it is a Tablet with restrained characteristics, we cannot be so severe for it. In this sense we come across the Mediatek Helio P22T, an entry-level chiset that will be enough for social networks, emails and little else. In the field of video games it could also perform well, but some lag would be noticeable at different times depending on the game.

What could perhaps be a point in its favor is its 9.7-inch LCD screen, more than correct dimensions for multimedia consumption. In addition, the firm has incorporated a technology called “Electronic Book Mode”, that it will simulate Kindle when reading books; this will undoubtedly make the experience much more comfortable and the feeling of having a real book could make a differentiating point.

On the other hand, the configuration that we could find in this Honor Pad X8 Lite is of 32GB of storage, and although its RAM is not specified, it would only be 2 or 3GB. At this point we recognize that the performance of this Honor Tablet could be a complete disaster, so we should have other options in mind since in the short term it would be practically unusable for daily use.

As for the battery, it stays in the 5,100mAh, which due to its dimensions would have to be seen how it manages to get ahead. However, we love that it comes with android 12 factory, a very flattering point for the user.

Unfortunately not yetWe do not have a price or availability of this product in Spain, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out. In any case, we will be updating this article with this relevant data.

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