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Haylou PurFree: bone conduction headphones at an incredible price!

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Haylou is one of the most popular brands in the aggressive value for money headphone segment. In recent years, the company has released some of the most attractive TWS earphone options. But, among its catalog there are more unique and risky options such as the Haylou PurFree (BC01) bone conduction headphones.

Bone conduction headphones are characterized in that the sound comes from vibrations transmitted through the user’s bones directly to their ear. This eliminates the need to use Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to enjoy the full audio experience, while allowing you to be aware of the environment around you.

Haylou PurFree with bone conduction technology for only $64.99!

That said, bone conduction headphones can still be a bit pricey. However, right now the Haylou PurFree is available for just $64.99! Becoming an ideal option for those who want to enter this world of ‘sensory’ and immersive sound experiences.


The offer is available thanks to the AliExpress summer discounts 2022. Therefore, the price will be like this for a limited time. If you want to get the Haylou PurFree bone conduction headphones at the promotional price of 64.99 dollars, you just have to access from this link (or from the red widgets) and use both the discount coupon ‘PROMOBC01’ as the store’s $13 coupon (selectable during the payment process).


Yes indeed, The offer will be available only until next July 1. From that moment, they will cost their original price of more than 100 dollars.

Characteristics of the Haylou PurFree

comfort and safety

Thanks to the properties of bone conduction headphone technology, the Haylou PurFree (BC01) also boasts more comfort thanks to its design. Instead of inserting the tips of the earphones into the ear, just place them over your ears. This is what in turn allows you to be aware of your surroundings (what the ‘ambient mode’ function does on headphones with ANC).


That is, if you are someone who goes out to do sports outdoors, who walks the streets or practices high resistance activities, this type of headphones is ideal for you. In the same way they are if you are looking for an immersive audio experience and you do not like in-ear headphones or those that cover your ear completely.



In addition to the above, the Haylou PurFree are quite resistant. Their leather is made of a titanium alloy, and they allow them to be folded for easy storage without worrying about breakage or deformation.

high quality audio

But not everything is comfort in headphones, since audio quality also matters a lot. Fortunately, the Haylou PurFree are meant to stand out here too. They integrate a Qualcomm QCC3044 chip for a high definition wireless audio experience. Also, Haylou directional audio technology that effectively prevents sound leakage.


Autonomy and fast charging

The headphones connect to your mobile devices via Bluetooth v5.2. Regarding their autonomy, they offer up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge, and take around 1.5 hours to charge per compelo. Finally, its support for fast charging allows it to offer 2 hours of playback with only 10 minutes of charging.


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