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It seems that there will be a Tablet called Google Pixel Tab Pro, a large device that would have serious intentions of entering a Premium segment. It’s important to mention; that previous months there was talk of a relatively cheap Tablet that where the first generation tensor chip.

But, everything seems to indicate that the strategy of the American giant would not end here. In this way, there would be a product with better performance in terms of power and there could even be compatibility with a smart pencil. Anyway, we are going to talk in detail about what we know about this Tablet; that could be up to many rivals today.

Google Pixel Tab Pro, what makes it special?

Although there are no renders and no technical data at the moment, we do have information that the Google Pixel Tab Pro is likely to have a larger screen size than normal version. And precisely this coincides with the fact that it is compatible with a smart pen, being a tremendously useful tool for the field of productivity.

This interesting strategy on the part of Google aims to confront Samsung devices, which we well know that in its Tab S line they are among the best and most efficient on the market. So, in this way we could contemplate a titanic struggle in this sector, something that has been missing for a long time.

Powerful processor and better camera

Other aspects that we could consider is an improvement in terms of performance, where a new Tensor chip would possibly be present. But, it may be that this Google Pixel Tab Pro could also enter a Qualcomm SoCalthough the latter would break with the firm’s strategy of keeping its products under a home power.

As for the main camera, it is said that it will be equipped by a high quality sensors, and we know the great experience of this important company in this field. Nevertheless; we think it would come with AI enhancements for scanning documents and we may even see important augmented reality technologies.

All this makes the Google Pixel Tab Pro really interesting, not to mention that its operating system will be one of the strongest and most unique points, especially for the experience. pure and clean that very little is found in other manufacturers. We will only have to wait until more information is leaked about it, something that could be happening in the coming weeks.

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