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Exynos will return to the Samsung Galaxy S in 2025 with a new ‘super chip’

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In recent weeks, multiple reports have been surfacing regarding the future of Exynos chips. First, it was said that the next Galaxy S23 flagship phone series would rule out Exynos chips to use Snapdragon in all regions. Later, the latter was officially confirmed by a senior Qualcomm manager.

The above was an indication of the very low confidence that Samsung currently has in its chipsets. The flawed manufacturing process of the company’s factories introduces noticeable heating and throttling after a certain time, preventing them from unleashing their true potential.

So, the situation pointed to the possible removal of Exynos chipsets in the future. However, it seems that this will not be the case, at least for now. Of course, we will not see them in the Galaxy S23 of 2023.

Exynos chips will not die, but it will take time to return to the high end

Samsung has debunked speculation that it is discontinuing production of Exynos chips. However, a recent report out of South Korea quotes Samsung as saying that the rumor is false.


Samsung’s statement came during its Q2 2022 conference call. There, a company representative stated that they will not discontinue their Exynos chipset manufacturing business. Currently, Samsung is working to enhance the competitiveness of the Exynos brand.

Samsung says it hopes to collaborate directly with other companies with the goal of eventually improving its chipsets and boosting its market share.

In fact, Samsung is also reportedly developing a premium processor specifically for the Galaxy S series. It is rumored that there is a gigantic team of over 1000 workers involved in the new high-end chip. But, seeking to achieve the best possible result, his arrival has been delayed.

A new Exynos ‘super chip’ for the Samsung Galaxy S will arrive in 2025


The expected release date for the new Galaxy S series chip is 2025. The upcoming Galaxy S23 models will only have Snapdragon SoCs. Samsung reiterates that it plans to continue its investment path by analyzing the market outlook and global demands in the medium and long term.

The above means that all the company’s flagship phones until 2024 (Galaxy S23 and S24, in addition to the folding ones) will mount Snapdragon hardware. It is worth noting that Samsung’s foldable devices have always used Snapdragon chips exclusively from the beginning.

To top it off, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be unveiled in mid-November. The first phones to use it are expected to be officially revealed in December. So the Galaxy S23 series should arrive in early 2023.

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