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Editing messages in WhatsApp could be arriving in the next few weeks; something that would honestly improve the user experience.

It is no secret to anyone that Telegram has already had this great feature for a few years; Being once again a pioneer in this sense. But as some say, “Better late never” and there is no doubt that this saying is palpable in this particular subject.

Now, as always since WaBetaInfo has circulated some details about this functionality; that we will probably all enjoy in the near future.

Edit messages already sent in WhatsApp

As in the case of Twitter; Hundreds of people are waiting for the text edition since it is very common to make mistakes when writing, especially if you are a faithful fan of automatic correction on your mobile. Now, at the moment the best way to correct it is to delete the Tweet or message on whatsapp; in order to later rewrite what you wanted to say at that time.

All this inconvenience will be repaired with just one click, and as can be seen in the image filtered by the source; we will have a button where we will be able to edit the message already sent. The details about this are scarce, since we do not know if we will have a certain time to be able to edit it or it will be permanent, but it is very likely that the developers of the app will rule only a few minutes in order to make the necessary corrections.

For those who are loyal WhatsApp users, this feature could be of great help, since we would only have the opportunity to make very specific changes; in the event that we make a mistake when sending a message. Given this, everything seems to indicate that the development find it really advanced; which means that in a very short time we could be enjoying this new feature.

One more time Goal is working hard to make Whatsapp an avant-garde app in all standards; and this is something that has been requested for some time. We just hope they don’t take too long to make this all official; since surely many clients are already impatient to enjoy it.

It is relevant to mention that the WhatsApp message edition is available in its Beta version at the moment, and that in case you want to get hold of it; You should know that your contacts must also have the same version installed for this feature to work properly.

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