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One of the great features that the iPhone 14 Series brought, has been the incorporation of the Dynamic Island. An interesting proposal made by the perforated screen be dynamic; changing shape according to the notification that is coming to us.

Although many argue that LG has been the pioneer in presenting this technology, the truth is that Apple, as in many cases, has been an inspiration to mark the future of many Android terminals. Well, this is precisely what has happened with Xiaomi, where many say that it is a matter of time before the signature present a device with this type of panel.

Well, while this is happening, an interesting theme developer is working so that all Xiaomi phones can enjoy Dynamic Island, Let’s see what this is all about.

Soon you will have Dynamic Island on your mobile

We know that users are demanding, and we are almost certain that the manufacturer is looking for a new way to include these new notifications. It is likely that Xiaomi will finally implement it through software; and it may even be an even better complement to Apple’s offering. In any case, we already have the first details on a topic that is being developed for Xiaomi mobiles, and you will be surprised by its great performance.

You will want to have this theme right away

If you are the carrier of a mobile from this peculiar manufacturer, you will know that there is an app dedicated to personalization. Well, the developer Very e is working on a project that brings the acclaimed Dynamic Island to any mobile device of the Xiaomi brand, but at the moment it is in beta process; so we will have to wait a little longer to enjoy it.

Analyzing the video that is being broadcast on this topic, we can realize that it has some limitations. One of them is that we will only be able to contemplate the Dynamic Island when we have the mobile blocked, that is to say, that when we are using the mobile it would not work; At least that’s the feeling it’s giving at the moment.

If we go to personalization, we will be able to move these notifications anywhere on the screen; something that may not be to the liking of many. The truth is that the work is very advanced; and we certainly want to see the final result with all the changes implemented.

Best of all, it seems that in a matter of a few how many weeks will we have news about itand we do not doubt that other companies such as Samsung are also considering using this technology.

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