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Finally we have indications that the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is about to become official; something that many of the fans of this franchise have been waiting for a long time.

Today the much needed pre-registration of this mobile game; but at the moment it is only being released for devices with the operating system Android. A quite particular movement considering that the opposite happens when there is a launch of a game as important as this one. We have always known that iOS has a great advantage when it comes to adapting applications due to the fact that they have very few devices; that is why the software of the mythical green robot always lags behind for obvious reasons.

The truth is that the moment we can play Warzone on our mobile device fills fans with many expectationsand we believe it will be a complete success.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile What do we expect?

Well, like the Call of Duty Mobile launched in 2019, we will see a lot of shooter action, multiplayer, new maps, Battle Royale, collaborative and more. This interesting game will have amazing graphics, just as we find in the normal version. Many are the players where they argue that the quality of the Duty Mobile is one of the bestsurpassing even Free Fire.

In Warzone we would see very similar things, something that has all the coherence in the world being one of the franchises of Activision, the famous developer. Well now that everyone can register completely free on android tells us that very soon there will be a system of public betabut it could also be about the imminent launch of this acclaimed title.

The company has been very careful to give us a specific date, but taking into account that since May it has been testing this video game to refine and correct errors; It is very likely that in a matter of a few weeks we will receive the notification to download it officially. We should also consider its availability on Apple devices, where it may be in the process of being accepted by the App Store right now.

To make the wait something interesting, the company has left us with a small video game teaser, giving us indications of its great playability. Best of all, the minimum requirements are not so problematic for Android mobiles, considering that to play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile you need 4GB RAMalso 4GB of storage, Android 10 and at least a processor Qualcomm 730G.

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